Monday, May 28, 2012

love after FOOD


hello people........

this is the lover of my life after FOOD

i'm new and try my best on this small business world..i'm might not great or anything at least i'm try something that i like and i'm kinda proud of it..this is awesome..well, pikalurve still small and unknown..agagagaaa..far far away to well known like others super blogshop..pikalurve need more support from all of you especially girlsss..i'm trying my best to put things together the best i can..i will provide the different style of hijab and accessories..wish me luck people..i'm hoping that one day i will successful..

so you can help me by giving me an idea what stuff should i added to pikalurve and what you like..this is a big favor of mine..i'm glad if you guys can help me and keep giving me comment and support...pikalurve lurve yaaa!

that all.....

 sneak peak a bit on SUNDAY (27 MAY 2012) at RASTA TTDI

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*tiada paksaan ye...

smua jadi harga runtuh all scarves & hijab are only sell between RM5-RM10 only..i'm totally serious...memang discount habis-habisan lahh...

 you know how much i love you?...weeheee~

that all, btw i'm quite disappointed on this time bazaar because the crowd ..... =.=

however, wish me luck everyone..i will update new hijab styel on june..this is pikalurve creation..for sure i'll make a special tutorial for each of hijab that i design...i'm just hopping for more support form you guys..lot of love from pikalurve....... ^_^

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thanks for reading this entry people...