Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Premier Screen: Cabin in the wOod


Olaaaaa senioritaaaaa..

i should thanks for my lovely friend (Cik Lya) who giving me this opportunity to see this premier and also to Nuffnang for this tickets...actually this is my first time having this chance to see the premier..and its owhsemmm..where u can see all people line up to gets the tickets..
(speaking bukan main yerrr..)

before that, lets just smile :D

 cerita apa yang pika dapat tngok tu ialah....

first, let's watch the trailer about this movie.... it is? 

sepanjang dalam wayang tu pika menjerit and terkejut sana sini..sound effect nya gilerrr lahhh..Serammmmmm! btw, this is not a Ghost Movie but Harrow movie..whats the different? it is making me freaking Out! errrr..


what will you do when this make u up side down?

rumusan yang pika nak share:-
cerita ni agak unik dari mana-mana movie, sebab dorang punya kematian ini macam di rancang orang satu organisasi tetapi cara kematian nya mereka yang pilih sama ada nak mati kena bunuh dengan apa(zombie and others scary things)..organisasi ini terpaksa berbuat demikian kerana mereka ingin memuaskan hati orang-orang Purba kalau mereka gagal, bumi akan hancur (konon nye lahhh..)

ringkas bukan? ehehee..
dulu BM KARANGAN dapat A+ kot..(oke belagak gylerrr :P)

before the movieee.................

Bangle Cotton On and ring bought at Curve

ready for some Harrow!!!

before entering the Hall i have pleasure with Hot Roll & Sunday Cornetto (McD)

Daisy Shawl from pikalurve // Chiffon Blazer from Aube // bag from Wardrob rehab // pants from lee cooper 
 blaaablaablaaa.... :P

and now, i get these buttons! 
YES, i do love Nuffnang!

till then,


thanks for reading this 
nanti singgah lagi ^_^