Friday, September 02, 2011

MAKE UP: inspired grape



masih dalam MOOD RAYA sekarang...
and now sy nak share dengan anda-anda semua my make-up on first raya..

my theme for this raya is nice! sebab boleh mix & match dengan color apa-apa, i choose GRAPE! 

so here we are..superbb like it..

i used BB cream from maybelline
concealer from cover up my eyeback and pimple or scars.. 
clear smooth shine free cake powder from maybelline

(banyak barang-barang dari maybelline..boleh jadi model untuk maybelline lahh lepas ini..weewitt!)

i did't do my eyebrow sebab everytime buat mesti i just let it be simple..
and i don't know why with the eye reaction..agagagaaa..

close up to the eye..i used a very thin eyeliner..and grape color to light purple..
just do it with the tone..ngehehee...

i used eyeshadow palette
liquid eyeliner from in2it
mascara from maybelline

side look!
*no contact lenses..

blusher from MAC..
sy suka blusher ini sebab simple and tidak terlalu ketara..pinkish gitu! sy masih setia dengan blusher ini sebab i rare to used blusher..this is a gift from my mother (nak beli sendiri, belum mampu lagi)

color changing lip balm from maybelline..

final look!

i like it..and nak kekal berseri-seri di pagi hari raya! sesuai untuk dinner jugak!
interested??? boleh lahh cuba ^_^

any comment or suggestion? 
comment lah kat bawah entry ini..


thanks for reading this :)