Monday, May 23, 2011

CHIRO, my new baby cat


hey hey youu!

let me introduce you to my new baby cat...CHIRO!!!
i hv no idea why CHIRO is choosen..
apa2 pun it still fit my new baby cat :)))

sy mmg suka tgok kucing..pantang nmpk kucing yang cute miut sikit..mmg nk rembat..berani ke nk rembat kucing org..huhuu..

spend some quality time with CHIRO

CHIRO very cute cat!!! aww...
i love herrrr...
yeah..CHIRO is a girl..nk ngorat? huhuuu...

this is how i teach CHIRO to, she can have a great and better future...ngahahaaa..
itu apa yg my parents selalu ckp kat sy :P

CHIRO very2 naughty cat wokeyh!
dia ni always nk gigit2 benda lil sister selalu jd mangsa gigitan CHIRO..berani lahh dia nk gigit sy..mmg masuk washing machine...bhahahahhaaa...jahat kan?

CHIRO sgt2 NAKAL! tk tahu knp..missing something???

hiding from what dear??? i hv no idea..

anything can she play...
rumput??? kertas??? ...fuhhh!

soooooooooooooooo cuteee!!!!
if you guys notice that her nose is PINK!

the last lesson i want to teach her..she ignore..and i getting angry..and say
"how can you reach your dream if you don't want to learn???

is this how i gonna teach my kids in future???
hehehee...i don't know..only ALLAH knows it!


thanks for reading this :)