Wednesday, March 30, 2011

terrarium..not tetarrium


hai kawan2 semua..hello <3

what is terarium???
you really wanna know??..if you do not interest, skip this entry yaww! TQ

terrarium is the clear glass or plastic container filled with the small plant in it..

simple ryte?huhh~

not as simple as you can imagine

soo..terrarium is one of my landscape assignment or project..fuhh!
soo, my partner is umi@emu hihii..

ini kah projek kami??
at first place..YES it is!!!

what happen next is much surprise when this terarrium was broke! i was like shock+speechless+sad :'( !!
mmg sedih :'( ..
soo I've to clean all the mess away..but my head worry if umi will mad at me..weehee~
thank full she remain cool..but somehow, i know deep in her heart .. sorry ye umi :DD

soo..we have to do another terrarium..fuhh!!! tired!

soo..this is our second back-up plan lahh konon..
i don't know which is better..huhuu..

my face pure cm bgun tido..bagun lambat pagi tu..huhuu..

atas nasihat that given by miss diana (our landscape lecturer)..
we have to add some white stone to give an attraction to our terrarium..huhuu~

other samples of terrarium..that made by my friend
yg mana yg sempat amik gambar je lahh..hehee..

ehh silap2.. pika and umi punya..hahaaa..

simple and nice!
 budak lelaki yg buat aww! jgn main2..hehee..

woww! too colourful! like2!

i don't know the purpose but..cactus dia bergoyang goyang..huhuu..

desert lahh..i think..

woww! see! terrarium also can be lamp :D
* creative huhh??

our assignment not only focus on terrarium..
ada jugak bonsai and landscape model

contoh bonsai yg my friend jugak yang buat :D

contoh-contoh landscape model :-

LOVE to share with others!!!
kepada sesiapa yang tak tahu pasal terrarium ni..haaa..korang mesty dh tahukan sekarang..
korang nk buat pun boleh..mudah je..seyesly..


thank you (:


  1. nice terrarium,which uitm? me also uitm student,in process of making terrarium project :)..mind if can see more picture ;)

  2. nice and creative,,which uitm? me also uitm student,in da process of making terrarium,,mind if can see more pic ;)