Sunday, February 27, 2011

tag:doploh lima fakta bukan auta!


for now..i di tag oleh my lovely girlfriend cik fatin hanani
25 facts about me..
what uhh??
kinda hard question..but i'm trying..n still trying to answer it (: we go! full name is SYAFIQAH BINTI HASHIM..i do not have NUR or NURUL or PUTERI or DAYANG or ANYTHING..ok?

2.I'll love people to call me PIKA..*honestly =D

3.i was born on 15 APRIL 1992..*hoping there is a lot present I'll get!hahaa.. fav colour is PURPLE..i crazy about PURPLE a lot!

5.i DON'T DO READING..except when test or quiz or final exam is coming..hahaaa..hell yahh! i jerk!hee~

6.i LOVE FASHION SOo much..i wanna be a fashion designer but my family tak restu T_T

7.I'm not friendly person..but when i get to know people..yeah! I'll be more friendly then ever! believe me..

8.i love my family forever and ever!..

9.i'm student at UiTM benting,kuala pilah..taking diploma in planting industry management..agrotech faculty..

10.i want happiness and joy full fav food is kuetiaw*yummy!

12.i drink a lot!

13.i'm still finding my true beloved friends..who could it be?? fav fruits is DURIAN..the king of fruit.. yeahh!

15.colours and make-up is my Passion..aww!

16.i have and love to collect a cute2 stuff..i don't care what it long as it cute and lovely..I'm sure gonna buy it bebehh!

17.what i want next? i wanna be the next top model..muslimah version...can i be one?..hahaa..

18.i'm am religion is islam..we are not terrorist okyh!

19.forget to mention..i have four siblings and I'm the third..

20.i hope i can married by my age 25 years old..please! insya'

21.secret???hurmm...i do have a lot..not kindly person to share my secret with anyone except the person that i really trust on..

22.i do love blogging..because i can express my feeling..needing..anything here!

23.i wish i can be a good friend to all my friends..*still hoping and hoping.. =D

24.i' SHOPAHOLIC person!!!!believe me! hahaa....

25.finally,huhh~ i'm finish answering all this question..hahaa..

ok..i penat speaking..
now..nak cakap malay pulak..
bahasa jiwa bangsa!yawwsss!

thank you to cik fatin kerana tag..
and sy sudah jawab segala-gala nya..hahahaa..

i nak tag dkt semua pikalurve VVIP(my dearest follower)
kalau dh jawab tinggal kan link kat comment entry ini tw!
sy pun nak tahu 25 facts about korang..


thank you for reading his entry (: