Sunday, January 02, 2011

It is the time to renew our passport


Exactly at 8.00 am my phone starts to ringing. My dad wake us up to renew our passport. Actually it is kinda late so we're rushing to get ready.

And, here I am get ready for the passport thingy. Don't forget a bottle of water sebab dah tahu confirm kena tunggu lama nanti ni.. 

Here how the crowds looks like that time. DAMN!

You are suppost to wear a dark shade of scarf but I selambekkk pakai siap bercorak.

My picture that day. 

What do you need?
IC or birth certificates
form to fill in

Waiting for my que to call

Love one!

More selfies with little sister

My mom reading news paper


I got my passport! DONE after long waiting~


Thank you for reading this :)

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